Below is a partial listing of our past shows as well as some images from the events . . . .

Nicolette Good and Colin Gilmore.

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Fiesta House Concert and Art Show - 2013

Music provided by The Wasted Hearts from Austin, Texas.
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"Concerts by Betty" (Berchelmann) house concert on Friday, November 18th, 2011 at 7:30 pm featuring musician/comedian Eric Schwartz all the way from Los Angeles, California.

DATE: Friday, November 18th, 201

Some info on our performer . . . . (go to his web site and check out some of his videos, he is really funny. Should be a great show!)

There are perils and perks to growing up listening to Dr. Demento and Dr. Ruth every Sunday night in high school. Eric Schwartz's razor sharp, adults-mostly, on-the-spot wit combined with his exceptional musicality have made him a stand-out performer when appearing on the Comedy Central Stage (in Sit'n Spin); with comedy masters like Jim Norton, Rich Vos, Bobby Slayton and Jim Florentine on "The Bad Boys of Comedy;" at clubs (The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Ice House), on the radio (Howard Stern 100, NPR's All Things Considered, Doctor Demento, and Air America), and on the web, where his edgy, political YouTube videos chalk up millions of hits and garner him illicit proposals from all corners of the globe.

Since arriving recently in Los Angeles from NYC, Eric's talents as a first-rate composer / lyricist have quickly been noticed and employed. He composed the theme song for Harrison On The Edge, a liberal radio talk show in Los Angeles, wrote and performed the theme song, "Alcohol," for the inaugural episode of "A Pretty Good Show" at the Vanguard in Los Angeles, hosted by Mitch Hurwitz (Arrested Development, Golden Girls), and wrote for Eliza Jane Schneider (South Park, Beakman's World). Eric's song "Clinton Got A Blowjob" recently won first prize in the Comedy / Novelty Category in the 2009 International Songwriting Competition.:

Burning Bridges Together - 2011
by Ramon Munoz

Come to Jesus
Artists: Phillip Luna and Danielle Cunningham

Saturday, Jul 11, 2009

Religiously natured multi-media prints by Phillip Luna and Danielle Cunningham w/ gospel and pop music dj mashups. Bread, wine etc...

How to Begin to Write One's Memoirs . . . Part One.
Artist: Ann-Michèle Morales

March 7, 2009. San Antonio, Texas

Live music by Cheats - featuring Joe Reyes, Ryan Shortt, and Joe Shortt with special guests Odie, Paul Ward.

Phantasmafiosa - Artwork by the San Antonio Craft Mafia
January 2009

• Katherine Brown
• Stef Cmielewski
• Laurel Gibson
• Patti Hinkley
• Myriam Lanau

Release and Receive: Portals of Transcendence
, 2008

Tina Karagulian - Creating art is a spiritual practice in which one releases any preconceived, limiting ideas of life and allows for a new and flowing expression to emerge. In doing so, the soul becomes more expansive, and one begins to see the world with a fresher perspective, more loving and accepting of yourself and others. Art can take you to a deeper place within your soul. When you visually enter an image, stop and linger. Notice how much you allow yourself to receive. Then consciously allow for more.

Jane Appleby
- One of the things I love about painting and sculpting is the journey. First there is an idea and then the evolution that begins with the translation to canvas or stone. I notice that when I am making art, I am not really thinking. I am experiencing. Line, texture, color, sensation, sound, movement, breath. Momentarily letting go of doubt and judgment, I enter the moment and transcend. Notice what you experience in this moment - it's perfect.

Show Title: Contemporary Artist Showcase: Fred Rich. An official CAM 08 event.

Show pics coming soon!

For additional images and information about the artist Fred Rich, check his blog out at:

Show Title: Five Women and a French Accent
New works by Pascale Vial, Laurence M. Denis, Kelli Klauber, Sonia G. Paschall and Valérie M. Horne.

May, 2008

Show pics coming soon!

Show Title: she said / she said
New works by Cindy Palmer and Jennifer Khoshbin. (Fall 07)

Show Title: Attention Whore, Part 1
Adrienne Gutierrez (Photography) and Danielle Cunningham (Graphics) (Summer 07)

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